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Collection: Hit Pod System

The all new Hit Pod system is the perfect balance between convience and cost. The flavour and convience of a disposable at the cost of an e-liquid.

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E-cigarette Refills (Hit Pods)

Electronic Cigarette pod refills are all you need once you have purchased your Hit Vape starter kit. When first looking to try electronic cigarettes you can do so in a number of ways. The most cost-effective way is to go down the Hit Vape starter kit route. This route requires you to require only pod refills after you first buy Hit Vape, so the cost of your new ‘vaping’ habit drops considerably after the initial outlay. In fact when you purchase Hit Vape in this way it can reduce your expenditure by as much as 80% when compared to traditional smoking.

How E-cigarette Refills Work:

An e-cigarette pod refill snaps onto the battery of your previously-purchased Hit Vape battery. They are compatible with pod-style e-cig starter kits (the ones which look like a USB stick). You will need to buy Hit Vape in refill form only from then on, in order to top up your e-cigarette starter kit once it has run out. We make every effort to stock refills for Hit Vape, including compatible pods for discontinued products, as well as leading brands such as JUUL pods and many more.

E cigarette refill pods contain the necessary flavours and nicotine, so when your previous electronic cigarette runs out you simply come and find the electronic refill pods to suit your latest needs. The refills for your e-cigarettes take the place of the ‘liquid’ in a traditional cigarette and can come in a variety of flavours.

Hit Vape online e-cigarette shop sells branded refills in multi-packs, varying from packs of 2 to 4. Four pods can equate to anything up to 200 cigarette equivalents, showing once and for all that when compared to ‘old-fashioned’ smoking, electronic is the way to go! Refills are easy