Everything for a Smoke Free Future

This is what drives us.  Always.

Our mission is build a smoke-free future for the UK - where better health, improved quality of life, and longer life expectancy are within reach through vaping alternatives. 

We will remain dedicated to the education, well-being and empowerment of our customers until smoking is no longer a public health concern.

Company Facts


    Launched April 2021; we experienced success with our initial discounted range of UK made liquids before expanding into disposables in 2022.

  • PRODUCT RANGE Liquids, Disposables

    Hit Liquid remains one of the UK’s fastest growing, popular e-liquids. The 2023 Hit Bar is our latest release, though we realize the future of vaping in the UK lies in a more eco friendly range - where our efforts from 2023 onward will be dedicated.

  • LOCATION United Kingdom

    We are headquartered in Warrington, Cheshire. Our Manufacturing facilities are spread out across the UK, in Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield. Our disposable bars are manufactured in Shenzhen.

  • PRODUCTS SOLD 545,422

    A total of 545,422 liquids and disposables sold since inception. We’re proud to see a steady increase in sales volume as more of the UK’s smokers turn to vaping. In terms of sales, revenues and operating profit, the figures were up once again and represent the best in the company's history so far. In terms of further expansion, Hit Vape is focusing on the core markets of Western Europe and in particular the UK and on growth markets in developing countries.

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