Disposable Vapes - The Past, Present and Prosperous Future

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Disposable Vapes - The Past, Present and Prosperous Future

It’s not a secret that disposable vapes have taken the world by storm and that it’s the main trend in the vaping category. If you’re involved in the vaping market, whether it’s because you are selling vaping products or distributing them, or manufacturing them, it’s sure that you have taken advantage of this trend in some way or another. Disposable vaping devices are everywhere, and really not that hard to miss with their bright and bold colours, their ease of convenience, and affordability. But the big question is, how do these tiny devices contribute to the vaping industry and how are they shaping the future of the vaping industry?

Disposable vaping devices have been known as a middle man, to help smokers make the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. It has also been recognized as a new culture of Tik Tok trends. What we’ll cover in this article is what disposable vaping devices are, where they came from, and where they are going.

What are disposable vaping devices?

Disposable vaping devices are pre-filled devices that are pre-charged and ready for vaping. These vaping devices fall in the closed vaping device category. Disposable vape pens are single-use vapes, they are designed and manufactured with a certain puff count. Once these puffs have been reached, the device stops working, and should then be disposed of.

The e-liquid that is found within these devices, is usually Nicotine Salt e-liquid and can contain a maximum of up to 20mg of nicotine to be deemed TPD compliant in the UK. Disposable devices with a higher nicotine level are illegal to sell in the UK. For more information on what the vaping laws in the UK are you can read this article here (link to Vaping Laws you should know about as a retailer article).

Nicotine Salt e-liquid that is used in disposable vaping devices absorbs quicker into the body. These liquids deliver a smooth throat hit, which is part of what makes them so popular, especially among ex-smokers or those using vaping devices to quit smoking.

Disposable vaping devices are affordable which is why so many vapers turned to these as a fast and effective way of vaping. No Maintenance is required, and not only do disposable devices taste good, the appearance of these devices is also part of what draws the consumer’s attention. It’s a perfect handheld, pocket-friendly device that is ready to vape.

Where did disposables start?

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, invented the e-cigarette with the goal to quit smoking. Since then, the vaping industry slowly but surely started to take a stand in our modern society. Due to the uncertainty of these devices and the health effects, most countries quickly established some laws and rules and even bans on electronic cigarettes. The moment these vaping devices were properly discovered it quickly became the main trend in the vaping industry, outgunning all the other vaping products available in the vaping category.

What are the benefits of disposable vaping devices?

Disposable vaping devices continue to dominate the vaping market. As a retailer, stocking these vaping devices in your store will be beneficial in some way. Disposable cigarettes are popular among vapers because they are so affordable. It now costs vapers less to try out different flavours and nicotine strengths than it is to own, maintain and refill one vape device. Disposable vaping devices are also available in funky colours, making them hard to miss, and are ultimately used to spark curiosity. These vape devices are manufactured solely based on ease of use, pre-filled and pre-charged. So, no maintenance is required from the user’s side, just vaping it as it is designed to be used. Disposable vape devices are designed to be more economical in the long run, when compared with 1 pack of cigarettes for example.

How do you recycle a disposable vape?

Disposable vaping pens contain e-liquid and batteries, that need to be disposed of properly. If disposable vapes are not disposed of properly, it can cause harm to the environment around you. In order to properly dispose of these vaping devices, it is best to take them apart. Once the vape is taken apart you can then clean it of any excess e-liquid spillage and then take it to your nearest recycling center.

What is the environmental impact of disposable vapes?

When it comes to recycling disposable vape, it’s best to recycle the disposable vaping device properly in order to prevent it from harming the environment in and around us. Disposable vapes are single-use devices, which means once they run out of e-liquid then the device can be disposed of. The problem with this is that, when not disposed of in a proper way, it ends up in landfills. Battery acid, metals, and nicotine can then leak into the environment contaminating water, natural animal habitats and so much more. But all is not lost, with this in mind, Vuse became the world’s first carbon-neutral* vaping brand in 2021. Riotsquad introduced the world's first carbon-neutral disposable vaping device in the market. This disposable vaping device, launched by Riot Squad, is fully recyclable, carbon-negative and made out of bioplastic. The Qbar (Carbon neutral disposable vapes launched by Riot Squad) is made from PLA which is a bioplastic made from cornstarch that is 75% less carbon-intensive than traditional plastic.

What is the future of disposable vapes?

We’ve finally reached a tipping point, thanks to these disposable vaping devices, to help people successfully make the switch from smoking to vaping. Despite the fact that there are many benefits to these disposable devices, there are also a few negatives surrounding them, one of which is the environmental impact. But thanks to Vuse and Riot Squad, more and more vape companies will start to take this approach towards releasing environmentally acceptable disposable vaping devices.

If you are looking to stock disposable vape devices in your store, you should only continue doing so after you understand the benefits, disadvantages, and regulations around these little vape devices in the vaping category.

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