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Collection: Zero Nicotine

The all new Zero Nicotine is a disposable device that delivers flavour without nicotine, thanks to its revolutionary mesh coil and the finest liquid. You can enjoy 600/7000 puffs per device for only £2.99/£8.99 per bar.

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What Are Hit Zero Bars?

Hit Zero Bars are nicotine-free disposable vape bars that come prefilled and pre-charged for single use. Each bar has 2ml of flavoured e-liquid, with flavours from fruits and drinks to tobacco and cream. The e-liquid uses a formula that gives you a smooth and satisfying throat hit, similar to a cigarette without any nicotine. This way, Hit Zero Bars mimic the sensation of smoking without any nicotine!

Some exclusive features include the constant output, which keeps your draw consistent over time; many disposables lose power and flavour after prolonged use, while Hit Zero Bars do not. Also, a large 500mAh battery powers these devices, offering more puffs per bar than many competitors!

What Are The Different Types Of Hit Zero Bar?

The original Hit Zero Bar device was the E600; these simple disposable vape bars are the most popular and have the widest range of flavours. The all new Hit Zero has a crystal outer shell and an ergonomic narrow mouthpiece for an easy draw style that resembles a traditional cigarette. This classic Hit Zero model has over 25 flavours to choose from.

Hit Zero Bars: The Best Nicotine-Free Disposable Vape Kits in the UK

Are you looking for a convenient and satisfying way to vape without any nicotine? Then you need to try Hit Zero Bars, the disposable vape bars that deliver flavour and vapour in every puff. Hit Zero Bars are ready to use right out of the box, with no charging or refilling required. Just inhale and enjoy! Hit Zero Bars have a unique nicotine salt formula that gives you a smooth and satisfying throat hit, similar to a cigarette. They also have a constant output feature that ensures consistent flavour and vapour throughout the device’s lifespan. Unlike many other disposables, Hit Zero Bars do not lose power or taste over time. Each Hit Zero Bar has a 500mAh battery and 2ml of e-liquid, which can last up to 600 puffs depending on your usage. That’s more than enough for a whole day of vaping! You can choose from over 25 delicious flavours